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Small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is composed of what?
Hits:8832         Date:2016/11/25
Small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine using positive pressure forming, heating using flat heating.
The main body of the small-sized aluminum-plastic blister packing machine includes body, aluminum foil support, forming heating, roll mold mechanism, feeding device, PVC bracket, heat sealing netting, stepping mechanism, transmission mechanism, blanking mechanism, Boxes and so on.
Small aluminum-plastic blister packing machine Fuselage: The fuselage is mainly composed of frame and wallboard, which is the main body of the machine, in order to support all other parts.
Aluminum plastic reel: including aluminum foil reel and plastic reel in two parts. The drum is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a stator, a brake ring and an adjusting nut. The two ends of the cylinder are supported on the support shaft by a rolling bearing, which is the rotating part of the drum. When the plastic film or aluminum foil is pulled, The coil on the reel is free to rotate. Stator inside and outside the stator, slip sleeve on the cylindrical cylinder, and fixed by the fixed screw in the cylinder of any position, for the installation of different width of the coil material.
The brake ring is mounted on the outer cylindrical surface of the cylinder body and is fixed on the support plate as a reel in the stationary part for braking the cylinder body, tightening or withdrawing the four adjusting screws on the outer circumference of the brake ring, Can increase or reduce the braking force on the cylinder to be pulled film or aluminum foil to obtain the necessary tension, adjust the nut in the bearing country and set in the outer cylindrical cylinder surface, and with a bearing and Copper body connection, in the case of rotation of the cylinder, turn the adjustment nut, the cylinder can achieve axial movement, used to adjust the lateral position Zheng material. The support shaft is fixed on the support plate, and the support plate is fixed on the machine body to constitute the supporting body of the reel.
Small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine using positive pressure forming, heating using flat heating.

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