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Paper-plastic packaging machine which has the advantages and characteristics
Hits:8009         Date:2016/11/25
Automatic paper-plastic packaging machine adopts the frequency control and machine, electricity, light, gas, automatic control technology integration and in strict accordance with national standards for innovative design, manufacture, it has adjustable stroke, modular modular structure, And the operation is simple, the province of materials, automatic, high yield, stable performance, low noise, no pollution, is the most ideal of an automated packaging equipment.
Features of automatic paper - plastic packaging machine
1. The paper-plastic packaging machine uses a version of the heat to shorten the PVC heating time, the effective protection of the molecular structure of PVC, and saving energy, when the heating plate automatically shut down to prevent PVC overheating.
2. The paper-plastic packaging machine molding device to the first punch to PVC for effective stretching, and then blowing molding, so as to ensure uniform thickness of the blister everywhere, Tingguang smooth.
3. The paper-plastic packaging machine used to increase the pressure cylinder heat sealing: When the shutdown, the heat sealing plate with the cylinder rod with the rise, thus protecting the packaging of products to avoid overheating.
4. Travel traction: The Zhisu packaging machine using single-arm robot traction, according to the length of the required length of the plate can be adjusted.
5. Variable speed adjustable: The paper packaging machine Danfoss frequency converter for speed regulation.
6. Under the feeder: According to the specific material design of the corresponding feeder.
7. Equipped with PLC circuit control: unified control with the touch screen.

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