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ZHS-80 上开盖装盒机

Product Details

ZHS-80 upper cover opening and cartoning machine
Product purpose and scope of application
Zhs-80 top opening automatic cartoning machine is mainly applicable to automatic cartoning and packaging of products in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, batteries, hardware and other industries. It mainly completes a series of processes, such as the transportation of packaged goods, the automatic expansion of cartons, the automatic cartoning of materials, the transportation of finished products and the automatic elimination of waste products, and finally realizes the automatic cartoning and packaging of products.
This machine can easily form an efficient production line with upstream and downstream equipment by adding an intermediate sequence transfer mechanism, and can also realize independent packaging by adding a special feeder.
This equipment has the following functions
● the package specification can be freely adjusted within the specified range.
● the touch control screen is adopted for easy operation.
● adopt PLC program automatic control to control and detect the process conversion, material level, filling and cartoning, and eliminate the waste products.
● automatic alarm and shutdown in case of fault, and realize fault display and automatic detection.
Product performance characteristics
The machine adopts the Trinity program control of sensor, encoder and motor with reliable quality and stable operation. The transmission part adopts flexible chain connection to reduce the wear of movable components, and has high sensitivity and reliability; Low failure rate of machinery and system, convenient maintenance and repair; It is efficient, reliable, energy-saving and intelligent. The equipment realizes material operation and cartoning through mechanical action and electrical control; Photoelectric control is combined with mechanical movement to detect the loading capacity and force the removal of waste in the packaging process, so as to ensure the quality of finished products; The electrical components are used to detect and monitor the packaging action, and a variety of protections are set. In case of failure, automatic prompt and alarm shutdown are given; Programmable control, touch screen operation, Chinese and digital display, controllable and adjustable, easy to operate and adjust.
Requirements for packaging materials and articles
Cartons for cartoning: paper 250 ~ 400g/m ²
Main technical parameters
Serial number Project Technical parameters Remarks
1 Cartoning speed 20~70 Box / minute Related to packaging
2 Power Supply 380VAC,50Hz  
3 Main motor power 2.2KW  
4 Carton size range
(long × wide × Height) mm
5 energy consumption 6.5KW  
6 Working pressure of compressed air ≥0.7 MPa positive pressure
7 Overall dimension
(long × wide × Height) mm
(3700×1300×1850)mm(Excluding the height of alarm indicator and the height of footing)  
8 Overall weight About 2500 kg  
9 noise ≤75 dB(A) 1m from equipment
working principle
The zhs-80 top opening automatic cartoning machine is mainly composed of a carton unfolding mechanism, a carton pressing mechanism, a material feeding mechanism, a carton tongue scraping mechanism, a tongue inserting mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a detection system, a control system, an electrical box, etc.
1. Carton unfolding mechanism

The principle of the carton unfolding mechanism is to use the vacuum system to suck the undeployed cartons out of the carton bin one by one, and put them into the box clamping conveying grid running synchronously. The circular arc operation of the grid is used to unfold the cartons and run them to the next station.
2. Box closing mechanism

The paper box loaded with articles moves to the tongue scraping mechanism and the tongue inserting mechanism under the transmission of the conveyor belt, and the tongue scraping and tongue inserting actions are performed on the paper box by the tongue scraping and tongue inserting mechanism, and the final product is output.
List of main electrical components
Serial number Name Model and specification Manufacturer Quantity
1 Frequency converter ATV310HU15N4A Schneider 1
2 Intermediate relay RXM2AB2BD Schneider 2
3 Button switch ZB2-BA3C Schneider 3
4 Emergency stop switch ZB2-BS54C Schneider 1
5 Circuit breaker OSMC32N2C32 Schneider 1
6 Circuit breaker OSMC32N3C10 Schneider 1
7 Circuit breaker OSMC32N1C10 Schneider 1
8 Switching power supply LRS-100-24V Schneider 1
9 touch screen GXU5500 Schneider 1
10 Main module TM241C40T/U Schneider 1
11 encoder E6B2-CWZ6C 360P/R OMRON 1
12 Proximity switch E2EX5ME1-ZX10ME1 OMRON 2
13 Photoelectric switch CX442 Panasonic 3
14 Magnifying board 8-way domestic 2
15 Alarm lamp domestic THND 1

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