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BH-260 condom packing machine
First, characteristics:
1. The machine, electricity, and gas as a whole can automatically complete the blisters forming, automatic quantitative dosing, heat sealing, cutting easily tearing mouth, punching, graphic auto-marking and other functions.
2. The aircraft design structure meets GMP and CGMP standards and ergonomic design principles, using advanced intelligent drive and control technology.
3. Itinerary digital control, easy to switch specifications.
4.Flat structure, can be packaged in any shape, oval shape, square, triangle and other special-shaped items.
5.Each mold box coaxial transmission, to ensure the transmission of steel and the synchronization of the station, mold rails equipped with a ruler, to facilitate the adjustment, positioning accuracy.
Second, the main technical parameters:
Items   Head Technical Parameters
Blanking Frequency Blanking frequency condoms: 15-25 beats/min
Use packaging materials and specifications Compound film: 260mm wide and 0.02-0.15mm thick; molding material: 260mm wide 0.15-05mm thick
Travel Range Traction Stroke: 30-160mm Station Fine Tuning: Blanking: 0-100mm Lot Number: 0-50mm Forming: 0-100mm Heat Seal: Fixed Reference Point
Key Features Frequency stepless speed regulation; blister packaging, safety inspection
Maximum Forming Depth 28mm
Maximum Molded Area 260×160×28mm
Power Specs 380V 50Hz
Power consumption 5.7KW
Compressed air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Compressed air consumption ≥0.22 m3/h
Cooling water consumption Normal water circulation cooling
Dimensions 4200×650××1640mm (L×W×H)
Weight 1500kg
 Motor FM 20-50Hz

Applicable packaging material specifications:
Roll wrapper PVC/PVCD/PE Single Sided Adhesive (PTP) backfill material
Thickness 0.2-0.5mm (usually 0.25-0.3) 0.02-0.025
Reel Diameter 70-76mm 70-76mm
Reel outside diameter 300mm 300mm

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